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  • Please do not email asking about plastic surgery, exercises, saggy skin, gaining weight, how to lose weight without surgery, how to maintain or keep weight off after surgery, and/or medical conditions/problems you may be having.  ALL of these questions can be answered in the FAQ's section of the website.

  • Please do not email asking questions such as "How did you feel?'", "Can you provide me with advice?", "What can I do?", "If you were to do it all over again...", "Can you provide me with details regarding your experience".  ALL of these questions can be answered by thoroughly reading my Journal from beginning to end.

  • I strongly encourage anyone who is researching WLS surgery and/or anyone that has had WLS surgery recently to read my Journal.  Don't skim it... you'll lose out on lots of valuable information.  I have spent hundreds of hours documenting my journey so that others, like you, can read it as a reference guide and learn the in's, out's, good, and bad of the surgery.  Read it all the way through.  Yes, it is long and may take a few days to read, however, I can guarantee that it is very entertaining and the knowledge you gain about WLS is invaluable.  Hundreds of people have found the Journal to be very inspirational and educational too.  :)

  • If you are looking to engage me in a business, such as Mary Kay, Avon, Quixtar, Tubberware, Pamper Chef, MonaVie, etc., although I certainly appreciate your thoughts to assist me in being successful, my hands are just way too full with my current self-made business and family.  I do, however, wish you much financial success as you build your business.


  • For any questions not answered in the FAQ's section and/or my Journal, then I encourage you to please join my Yahoo Group called "Julie Hedges Friends" by clicking here.  We are a very supportive group and answer ANY question about WLS, no matter how "out there" it is. 

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